Borders - September 2021

Borders - September 2021

SIA BIGI Baltic Transfer and Tours confirms that we are entitled to provide safe commercial passenger services in the Baltic States.

Upon arrival in Latvia, it is mandatory to present registration -
Self-insulation must be observed.
Upon arrival in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, the requirement to present the result of the COVID 19 test, which was performed not earlier than 72 hours before entry, is valid.

Such confirmation will be required for all persons arriving on regular, special or charter international passenger services for all modes of transport.

This requirement will not apply to vehicle crew members, children under the age of 16, persons in transit and persons who have been vaccinated against or become ill with COVID-19.

All persons, crew and crew members working for commercial transport undertakings or engaged in international commercial transport by all types of vehicles are not required to be isolated and tested when transiting through national territory or engaged in freight transport or international commercial transport with all types of vehicles.
vehicles, no insulation or testing is required if they are in transit or delivering goods.


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